Birds on A Wire

Birds on a Wire Slots

Birds on a Wire online slots features a variety of colourful, cartoon like birds sit on telephone wires against a background of sky, fields and trees. These adorable and somewhat dim witted looking birds range from a variety of different types of birds like hens, roosters and parrots that come in various shapes and sizes.

The Birds on a Wire online slots game displays three rows of telephone wire with five birds sitting on each and the game boasts seventeen different possible winning pay lines. A winning combination of birds, on any of the different pay lines, causes them to be electrocuted where they then explode and disappear. The animation shows a very cartoon like outline of a skeleton and a rather amusing exclamation is omitted by the frying birds. The remaining birds from the wires above will then drop down to fill up the spaces and new birds arrive which may result in further winning combinations on certain pay lines.

When the online slots reels are spun in Birds on a Wire, they don’t spin like the traditional slots, the display will rather move off to the side and new birds then flock onto the screen to find their places on the telephone wires and so the game will continue to unfold. An auto spin option is available for the birds to spin a predetermined number of times.

Winning Pay Lines and Multipliers

Birds on a Wire has seventeen different pay lines, all of which are in use and possible to hit during a game. Players don’t bet on certain pay lines of their choice, they bet on the spin as a whole which makes any of the seventeen pay lines available to win. After a winning combination of birds explode and the above birds drop down to fill the empty spaces, a new winning combination is possible and each new win results in a high voltage multiplier. These multipliers increase each time a winning combination is hit on a drop. High voltage multipliers pay out more than usual on drop down wins during bonus game levels.

For winning combinations of five birds in a row on one wire, the hen is the highest paying bird, paying out 12x the bet. The pink owl is the next highest paying bird, where the pay-out is 8x the bet, and thirdly comes the parrot which pays 6x the bet. The remaining variety of birds offer standard wins.

Free Spins and Additional Symbols

A big black rooster represents the wild symbol which acts as a substitute for any other bird and helps to make winning combinations. The Birds on a Wire online slots scatter symbol is a cat that is hidden inside a cardboard box, once there are three boxes displayed the cat will expose himself to frighten off the birds. When the birds fly off in fear, ten free spins are triggered. Any winning symbols hit with the free spins, trigger two more free spins and these additional spins can add up to be as many as thirty four. An additional spin called the InWinity spin is given once all the free spins are up, here the birds will continue to spin until a winning combination is hit.